ISBN: 978-605-2308-64-6
First Edition: September 2019

From the PREFACE

Foundations of Classical Electromagnetism is the first volume of the series Lectures in Electromagnetic Theory. Main contributions of the present volume to literature can be outlined as follows:

  • Original approaches to modeling and interpretation of electromagnetic phenomena
  • Alternative representations for Maxwell’s Equations with emphasis on Duality Transformations.
  • Proper descriptions of work and energy in static electric and magnetic fields
  • Proper definitions for Perfect Electric and Magnetic Conductors
  • Introduction of Principle of Conservation of Energy and Power in moving media
  • New physical concepts and quantities associated with Duality Principle and Conservation of Energy and Power in moving media

The structure and design of these volumes are reflections of my worldview that the laws of macroscopic electromagnetism – as described by Maxwell’s Equations of stationary media – are frame indifferent and recognize all frame indifferent (complementary) axioms, postulates, principles and laws of other disciplines that constitute Newtonian Continuum Mechanics in Euclidean Space. In the spirit of Natural Philosophy I draw criticism for the attempts to integrate (contradicting) alternative theories for moving bodies (especially Special and General Theories of Relativity) into the disciplines of Electrical Engineering. If a relativistic improvement for Maxwell’s Equations will ever be required in cosmological scale, then I believe it is bound to be constructed in a way as to yield the frame indifferent Hertz-Heaviside Equations exactly in the nonrelativistic limiting cases.

Burak POLAT, Ph.D.

Professor of Electromagnetic Theory September 2019