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Lectures on Classical Electromagnetic Theory‘ is a monograph based on certain of my published works that reflect personal perspective and original contributions on mathematical foundations and principles of classical electromagnetic field theory. By “personal perspective” I mean to adhere to the worldview that the laws of macroscobic electromagnetism as described by Maxwell’s equations of stationary media are frame indifferent and recognize all frame indifferent axioms, postulates, principles and laws of other disciplines that constitute Newtonian continuum mechanics in Euclidean space.  In that regard if a relativistic extension of this theory is ever required, then it should be constructed in a way as to yield the frame indifferent field equations exactly in the nonrelativistic limiting cases.

The targeted readers are senior undergradute and graduate students as well as researchers of electrical engineering and basic sciences who are assumed to have basic undergraduate background on electromagnetic field equations and wave propagation in simple stationary media, fundamentals of analog circuit theory, linear algebra, vector calculus, differential and integral calculus and complex analysis in the space of continuous functions.

This monograph currently comprises 5 parts, while additional ones are also planned in the long term.

Part 1: Mathematical Foundations of Classical Electromagnetism

Part 2: Classical Electromagnetism in Stationary Continuous Media

Part 3: Singularities in Stationary Media

Part 4: Canonical Propagation and Scattering Problems in Stationary Media

Part 5: Hertzian Electrodynamics of Moving Media