Optical Imaging Through Thick Lenses

I had the opportunity to study with Prof. Hasanov, who is a distinguished professor of mathematics and optics, while we both were serving at Istanbul University. Our collaboration in a very limited period in 1999 yielded the following two papers on optical imaging.

Full Papers:

  1. Elman HASANOV, Burak POLAT, “On the Realization of Optical Mappings and Transformation of Amplitudes by Means of an Aspherical Thick Lens”, International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEU) 54 (2000) No.2, 109-114.
  2. Elman HASANOV, Burak POLAT, “A Method for Calculating the Profiles of Thick Lenses”, Applied and Computational Mathematics – An International Journal, Vol.3 (2004) No.1, 23-33.