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Thin Wire Scattering Problems

This research is associated with the Ph.D. thesis of my past research assistant Ömer Zor.

Full Papers:

  1. Ömer ZOR, Burak POLAT, “An Implementation of King’s Green Functions in Thin Wire Scattering Problems”, ACES Journal 26  (2011) No.12, 1024-1038.
  2. Ömer ZOR, Burak POLAT, “Basit Kayıplı Yarı Uzay Üzerine Konuşlanmış İnce Tel Yapılarından Saçılma Problemleri”, EMO Bilimsel Dergi, Cilt 1 Sayı 2, sy.57-65, 2011.


Conference Proceedings:

  1. Ramazan ÜLKER, Burak POLAT, “An Investigation of Junction Conditions in Thin Wire Scattering Problems”, URSI National Radio Science Meeting, Ankara, TURKEY, September 2006 (in Turkish).
  2. Ömer ZOR, Burak POLAT, “A Numerical Test of King’s Green Functions in Thin Wire Scattering Problems”, XXX URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of International Union of Radio Science – URSI GASS’2011, 13-20 August, 2011, Istanbul, TURKEY  (4 pages)
  3. Ömer ZOR, Burak POLAT, “A Thin Wire Method of Moments Scheme Employing King’s Green Functions and Sinusoidal Basis Functions”, PIERS Proceedings, 711 – 714, August 19-23, Moscow, RUSSIA 2012. (4 pages)


  1. Burak POLAT, Ömer ZOR, “Thin Wire Radiation Problems and Analytical Half-Space Green Functions”, IV. National URSI-B Scientific Congress, October 20-22, 2008 Antalya, TURKEY. (in Turkish)
  2. Burak POLAT, Ömer ZOR, “RCS Analysis of Wire Grid PEC Bodies Located over a Dielectric Interface”, Abstacts of the Vth International Workshop on Electromagnetic Wave Scattering, October 22 – 25, 2008 Antalya, TURKEY.
  3. Ömer ZOR, Burak POLAT, “Electromagnetic Boundary Value Problems for Wire Grid Structures in Inhomogeneous Media”, International Congress in Honour of Professor H. M. Srivastava on his 70th Birth Anniversary, Bursa, Turkey August 18-21, 2010.
  4. Ömer ZOR, Burak POLAT, “Scattering Problems for Thin Wire Grid Structures Located over a Simple Lossy Half Space”, ELECO-2010, December 2-5, 2010, Bursa, TURKEY (in Turkish).